Clean Blood Initiative is one woman work for now. My aim is to inform people about the fact that they can receive blood from people who just got experimental medical treatment called COVID-19 vaccines, and to prevent happening. I will start with most urgent things to be done:

Preventing getting contaminated blood.

It is something which everyone should be prepared for. There are two ways to do it

by autologous blood transfusion (your own blood saved in advance)


directed blood transfusion (blood from selected family and friends).

More on it in my other blog:

I made a card which everyone can print, fill in and carry in her or his wallet (it is size of a credit card). It can be used in case of emergency. English version for now. Soon in other languages.

If you would chose directed blood transfusion the people in your list should not only be healthy and unvaccinated for COVID-19 but suitable blood type. Read more about blood type compatibility here.

There is a worrying tendency among vaccinated for COVID-19 which may need extra precaution in terms of safety when serviced by them. It is regarding their mental health. There are more and more reports of vaccinated experiencing fatigue and mental blackouts. It may lead to accidents so inform yourselves about people who serve you and avoid vaccinated for COVID-19. I am sure that at one point there are going to be lawsuits but until then your safety is in your hands.

*If you decide to download my COVID-19 blood transfusion emergency cards please consider donating via my other blog here so I can do more on both informing and helping prevent being used as lab rats. Every cent counts. This is my only job; thanks to it I cannot do any other.