Clean blood is a project started by me, Dr. Lidiya Angelova, a well-known anti-COVID-19 narrative scientist and activist. I created to spread awareness and share ideas how help to get back to real ethical science based world. During one of my investigations, I found out that people who are COVID-19 vaccinated can donate blood despite putting recipients at risk of life long diseases and even death. I urgently needed to find a solution and this is how the idea for clean blood was born. I am working actively on requesting contaminated blood removal and quarantine of vaccinated yet reality is that is unlikely to happen soon enough. Unfortunately, governments do nothing to protect us and even worse push experimental medical treatments. We need to protect ourselves and our future. This website will connect all people interested in creating clean blood hospitals and business. Here will share my and your ideas how to create clean blood hospitals, businesses and why not communities. I want to connect people who don’t want COVID-19 contaminated blood but as well people interested in holistic medicine based on best scientific practices. 

Remember!  We aren’t test objects. We have right to decide what kind of medical treatment could be applied to us. We have right to chose clean non-COVID-19 blood. We aren’t owned by government and by corporations. Together we can create better, safer and ethical healthcare! Contact me via my blog email until find financing for better web-support.

For immediate clean blood donation solutions check my latest article on the topic.